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Specialising in investigation is a popular career pathway in policing. And some forces like the Metropolitan Police let you join straight into a trainee detective role – you don’t always have to complete a probationary period as a frontline police constable before you apply.

As a detective constable, you’ll typically work on varied investigations, including ‘volume and priority’ investigations such as theft and burglaries, domestic abuse and hate crime incidents, knife crime and missing persons.

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As you gain more experience, you’ll be tasked with investigating more serious crimes, like serious sexual offences and crimes against vulnerable adults.

Here’s a bit more about what being a detective involves:

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  • Taking into account available resources and priorities, you’ll identify and plan your own investigative actions.
  • You’ll use relevant powers to arrest and apprehend suspects and issue special warnings.
  • You’ll complete risk assessments and support victims during investigations.
  • You’ll collect intelligence and evidence from a range of sources, including crime reports, victims, witnesses and suspects.
  • You’ll be responsible for recording and retaining evidence in a way that makes is admissible in court so that it helps bring offenders to justice.
  • You’ll also prepare reports on the outcome of investigations to ensure there’s an accurate audit trail.

To be a good detective, you also need to have excellent communication skills – you need to be able to listen, be empathetic and tuned in to people’s reactions. And the ability to break down a complex problem helps you plan and prioritise your investigations.

This is just one way your police career could take you. Find out more about career progression.

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And if you're interested in joining the police as a trainee detective, contact your preferred force to see if they have detective routes available.

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