Indian Passport Application or Renewal in USA - new passport, renewal of passport, changes in passport, lost passport, duplicate passport, damaged passport, minor children passport, change of name, date of birth or address (2023)

Indian Passport Application or Renewal in USA - new passport, renewal of passport, changes in passport, lost passport, duplicate passport, damaged passport, minor children passport, change of name, date of birth or address (1)

Note: Effective Nov 2, 2020, Indian government has given the contract to VFS Global. Previous contract with CKGS has ended. We are updating the instructions as they become available.

Unlike earlier passports, new passports that are being issued do not carry “ECNR” endorsement because ECNR is included by default.

Ghost Image:
In Washington DC, New York, and Houston jurisdiction, passports are not issued with a ghost image printed on it. In Atlanta and Chicago jurisdiction, passports are issued with a ghost image printed on it. However, if the passport was printed in India for Houston jurisdiction, it will have ghost images.

Application Procedure

Keep the following documents handy before proceeding:

  • Adult:
    • Recent original Indian passport (Readlost/stolen passport alternatives)
    • Spouse passport, in case you are endorsing spouse name
    • Details about US legal status
  • Minor:
    • Recent original Indian passport (in case of renewal)
    • Parents passport
    • Details about US legal status

Follow the procedure as described below:

  • Passport Widget:
    VisitVFS Global Website.
    Answer the questions in the widget. Based on your passport requirement and category, the purpose of renewal, miscellaneous services needed, etc., it will generate a document checklist.

    It will also show

    • Documents checklist which lists the documents, letter, whether original or copies are required, which documents have to be notarized or self-attested, number of documents needed, etc.
      Required Documents
    • Passport fees
    • Processing time
    • Temporary number
      You can use this number on the VFS GLobal web site to apply later or disconnected. Make sure to write this number down or you will have to start the application all over again.

Indian Passport Application or Renewal in USA - new passport, renewal of passport, changes in passport, lost passport, duplicate passport, damaged passport, minor children passport, change of name, date of birth or address (2)

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Indian Passport Application or Renewal in USA - new passport, renewal of passport, changes in passport, lost passport, duplicate passport, damaged passport, minor children passport, change of name, date of birth or address (3)

Claims Process Overview

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  • Documents Preparation:
    Based on your answers in the widget, wherever repetitive information is needed, those fields are already auto-populated in various forms. Please review the forms and supply additional information, as needed. Print all the forms and documents as per the Document Checklist provided.

    Sign the documents where indicated. Check which documents need to be self-attested or notarized, which documents need any copy or color copy.

    Along with the documents, please print the document checklist and tick the boxes as you complete the documents. You must enclose one copy of the filled Document Checklist.

    Signature should be clear, legible, and within the box. For minor applicants under the age of 5 years, right-hand thumb impression for girls and left-hand thumb impression for boys should be provided.

    Application Tips

    Print all the documents on one side of the page. Double-sided printouts are not accepted.

    Do not staple photographs or documents.

  • Government of India Application Form:
    Complete anapplication format Government of India.

    You will get a Web Reference Number’. Check the number next to ‘WEBFILE NO:’ which will have a format such as ‘USASP0421E16’.

    Return to VFS Global web site atAlready filled in the Government Online NRI Passport Formand continue the rest of the online process. Make sure to enter Web Reference Number (not the temporary tracking ID), along with the passport number and date of birth to continue to the process. VFS Global system will check all the details that you provided them and that in the Government of India form. If you made the mistakes in either of the processes, the system will an error. You will have to start the entire application process all over again, unfortunately.

    It is recommended that you do not fill the Government of India Application Form online first before going through the VFS Global process, as it will increase the chances of the details not matching.

  • Application Submission:
    Submit the application, either by shipping or in-person by appointment.
  • Once you have submitted the application, you can read more about processing and tracking it.

Sample order form

(Video) US Passport Renewal Process | How to Renew Your US Passport by Mail

Indian Passport Application or Renewal in USA - new passport, renewal of passport, changes in passport, lost passport, duplicate passport, damaged passport, minor children passport, change of name, date of birth or address (4)

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Certain category of Indian citizens are ineligible to apply for passport or any other consulate services:

  • B1/B2 : Applications can only be accepted under lose & damaged category. No prior approval from the consulate is required. San Francisco will issue only short validity passports.
  • AS6, AS7, AS8, and CO8, C visa holders are not eligible for re-issue or any service on passports.
  • Refugees from India will not be given an Indian passport. However, for the purposes of returning to India, they can apply for travel documents through U.S. border protection (CBP). CBP officer will issue them an Emergency Certificate (EC) at the time of departure from the US, which is good for one-way travel from the US to India.

Indian Passport Application Submission in USA

An application for Indian passport in the USA can be submitted to VFS Global by shipping. Submit the documents in person toVFS Global, according to yourjurisdiction. The details are described below:

  • Shipping:
    Shipping your documents to VFS Global is a preferred method as it saves travel times and parking charges, as well as avoids waiting at the VFS Global application center.

    You can use the Shipping method for sending the documents as well as receiving the passport back.

    When you choose the shipping method, please print the label which will be automatically addressed as follows:

    • Attn To:
      • Passport Application
      • VFS Global IPAC NAME
      • C/O Passport Department
      • IPAC Address
      • IPAC Location
      • IPAC Zip Code

        Shipping arrangements

        Once VFS Global receives your application, you will receive an email acknowledgment with the status ‘Received, but Not Verified’. Once they verify your application, you will receive another email indicating the outcome of the verification process.

  • Walk-In (By Appointment):
    Current unavailable due to COVID-19.

    While making an online application, you will select the ‘Walk-In’ as the submission option and follow the steps below:

    • Choose your ‘Appointment Date’.
    • Select your time slot
    • If the date/time slot is already booked, the next available option will be displayed
    • You will get a confirmation of your appointment date and time booked.
    • Come in person at the VFS Global Application Center at the designated appointment date and time to submit your application.

      Appointments can be booked throughMy Accountas well. You can also cancel your appointment and reschedule.

      The application can be submitted in person either by the applicant or immediate family member of the applicant, with a proper authority letter and proof of relationship.

      In case you are applying for a minor child, both parents have to present themselves at the counter. If one of the parents is unable to attend, an authority/consent letter must be given by the parent not attending, authorizing the other parent to apply alone.

Indian Passport Application or Renewal in USA - new passport, renewal of passport, changes in passport, lost passport, duplicate passport, damaged passport, minor children passport, change of name, date of birth or address (6)

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Indian Passport Application or Renewal in USA - new passport, renewal of passport, changes in passport, lost passport, duplicate passport, damaged passport, minor children passport, change of name, date of birth or address (7)

(Video) Indian Passport Renewal in the US | VFS | Step by Step Guide | Tutorial |(SplitOfName+BirthPlace)

Visitors Insurance Overview

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Indian Passport Renewal or Fresh Passport

An Indian passport is normally valid for 10 years from the date of issue. The expiration date is denoted by the term ‘Final’ or ‘F’ after the expiration date. e.g., 12.05.2009 (Final) or 12.05.2009 (F). You can not renew the passport for more than one year before the expiration date of your current passport.

When a new passport is issued, the old passport(s) will be cancelled and returned to the applicant. Valid visas in the old passport are not cancelled and can be used till the expiration date of a given visa.

My Account

Currently unavailable.

You can accessMy Accountfor a wide variety of services. In order to access My Account, you need Web Reference Number, Passport Number, and Date of Birth.

Once you login, you would be able to access the following:

  • Track Application Status

  • View Applicant details

  • View Service details

  • Download and Print Documents and Forms

  • Download and Print Shipping Label

  • Download and Print Payment Receipt

  • Make Payment

  • Purchase Shipping and other value-added services

  • Upload missing / additional documents requested

Indian Passport Application Processing and Tracking

  • VFS Global is not liable for applications lost in transit.
  • VFS Global’s role is solely on processing applications. They have no impact on the outcome of the decision or the processing time, as they are determined by the Embassy/Consulates of India in the USA.
  • Any false documents or other misrepresentation of information in support of the application will have a direct bearing on the judgment of their application by the Embassy/Consulates of India in the USA.

Application Tracking
When you schedule an appointment, you will be provided a Reference number generated by VFS Global. Reference number printed on the online application form is NOT valid for tracking with VFS Global.

  • Online:
    You can track your application by entering your Tracking ID / VFS Global Web Reference Number, Passport Number and your date of birth.

    Track Application

    You can also use the above link for tracking your courier by providing Airway Bill Number and Passport Number.

For visitors, travel, student and other international travel medical insurance.

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Indian Passport Application or Renewal in USA - new passport, renewal of passport, changes in passport, lost passport, duplicate passport, damaged passport, minor children passport, change of name, date of birth or address (9)

Why Purchase from Insubuy?

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Application Processing

  • Even if the applicant meets all the laid down requirements for obtaining a particular service, the Consular Officer reserves the right to demand any necessary additional and original documents at any stage of processing. The documents demanded by the Consular Officer should be presented by the applicant for scrutiny and satisfaction of the Consular Officer before the service is rendered.
  • The processing timings are indicative and can vary from time to time.
  • The processing time does not apply to services where prior approval has to be obtained from authorities in India or elsewhere. For such cases, the processing time is a minimum of thirty (30) business days.
  • The Consular Officer can at any time call an applicant for a personal interview.
  • Applicants are advised to refrain from making telephonic or written inquiries of the status of their applications during the normal processing time.
  • The Consulate will return applications that:
    • are incomplete or not correctly completed; and/or
    • lack supporting documents; and/or
    • have been mailed with an inadequate fee; and/or
    • have other deficiencies
      When the Consulate returns such applications, they would utilize the return postage/envelope supplied with the application that was originally meant to send back the completed application/documents.

      The government of India is not responsible for any inconvenience or problems faced due to any rejections or delays.

  • When you get a new passport, your old passport will be cancelled and returned to you. Any visas in the old passport are still valid until the date of expiry. You would need to carry both the passports to travel using the visa in the old passport.
  • If you would like someone else to pick up your processed passport, you will need to give authorityletter to pick up the passport
  • Your passport will be returned to the address given on the application. If your address changes while your application is in process, please inform the India passport application center.

Processing Times

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For visitors, travel, student and other international travel medical insurance.

Visit or call +1 (866) INSUBUY or +1 (972) 985-4400


Does your passport number change when you apply for a new passport? ›

Do not book travel until you have a valid passport - your new passport will not have the same number as your old one.

Can you use old passport after applying for new one? ›

Use your old passport and you will be able to travel anywhere as long as there is 6 months validity remaining. Might be different for each country. In the US they take your old passport while processing the new one.

Do I need to submit my old passport when renewing Indian passport? ›

Old passport booklet: The applicant is also required to submit his/her expired passport booklet before availing a new passport. Self-attested copy of first and last pages of the booklet: The individual is needed to submit self-attested copies of the first two and last two pages of the old passport booklet.

Do I need to send my old passport when renewing online? ›

Your old passport is one of the supporting documents needed to carry out your passport renewal. You will therefore need to send it back to the Passport Office as part of the renewal process.

Is your passport number always the same when you renew? ›

When your passport is renewed your passport number will change. If your passport application is still being processed it will not be possible to obtain the new passport number before the document is delivered.

When you get new passport What happens to old passport? ›

The State Department's Passport Services will cancel it and then send it to you. The cancelled passport will be sent separately from the renewed one. Because they are sent separately, the two documents usually arrive on different days.

Should I keep my old passport or destroy it? ›

Worster also notes that some newer passports are made with RFID chip which contains all of your personal information. Tampering with the chip is considered illegal, so bottom line: you shouldn't get rid of your expired passport.

What is the difference between new passport and old passport? ›

While our previous electronic passports (ePassports) are secure, the Next Generation Passport book (NGP) uses new technologies to produce a more robust passport with enhanced security features, such as a polycarbonate data page, laser-engraved personalization, and updated artwork.

Is Aadhaar card mandatory for minor passport? ›

Documents Required for Minors for a Fresh Passport

Birth certificate. Declaration given by the Head of the Orphanage/Child Care Home. Policy Bond issued by the Public Life Insurance Corporations/Companies. Aadhaar card or e-Aadhaar.

Is Aadhaar card required for passport renewal? ›

Furnishing of Aadhaar card will expedite processing of passport applications. Aadhaar letter/card or the e-Aadhaar (an electronically generated letter from the website of UIDAI), as the case may be, will be accepted as Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Photo-Identity (POI) for availing passport related services.

Is appointment required for minor passport? ›

The first step is to book an appointment with the nearest PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) for the most suitable time where both the parents of the minor child can be present at the PSK for further application process. The availability of both the parents is mandatory in case of a standard application.

Does reissue passport require police verification? ›

Depending upon whether an application is for issue of fresh passport or re-issue of passport, Passport Office (PO) shall decide whether Police Verification is required. In most cases, pre-police verification would be required.

Do we need to submit old passport for renewal in USA? ›

You must submit your most recent passport with your application. Please note: Your U.S. passport book and/or card must meet all of the requirements listed at the top of this page. Your old passport book and/or card will be returned to you, but generally it will come in a separate mailing from your new passport.

How many days will it take for reissue of passport? ›

How Many Days It Takes to Reissue Passport? In the standard procedure, the entire process can take up to 15 days from start to finish. However, when applying via Tatkaal mode, you can complete this process within 7-10 days.

Do I need photocopy for passport renewal? ›

Here are the application requirements for DFA passport renewal: Accomplished application form. Current ePassport and photocopy of the data page.

Do I need to send any documents when renewing my passport? ›

You won't need any documents to renew your passport digitally, but you will need a current photograph of yourself, a credit or debit card, and your current passport. You can renew your passport here on the official government website.

Does a reissued passport have the same number? ›

Will my passport number change after getting my passport re-issued? No, your passport number will remain the same after you get your passport re-issued.

Can I keep my old passport while renewing? ›

Yes, in most cases, we will return the old, canceled passport to you. The old passport may be sent separately from your new passport. We recommend keeping your old passport in a safe place as it is considered proof of your U.S. citizenship.

What happens to old passport when you renew India? ›

In case of passport reissue, the new passport will be released while the old passport will be cancelled and returned. However, any of the active visas on the old passport will still be valid and can be used till expiry of the particular visa.

Does renewing a passport invalidate the old one? ›

Bottom line. Remember, renewing your passport will give you a new passport number and will usually void any entry visas you have already obtained related to that passport. For example, if you have an ESTA to visit the U.S. tied to your old passport number you will need to obtain a new ESTA with a new passport number.

Is it faster to renew passport or get a new one? ›

Answer: It takes the State Department Bureau of Consular Services the same amount of time to process a passport renewal as it does an application for a new passport.

What counts as damage to passport? ›

Passport damage

It's important that: there are no tears or cuts in the passport pages, especially the photo page. everything on the photo page is legible and clear. there are no marks across your photo or in the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) on the photo page.

How badly damaged Can a passport be? ›

A passport that goes past wear and tear and into damaged territory is one that is not in a condition to be accepted as proof of identity. For new style e-passports, if the chip or antenna shows through the end paper on the back cover, it would also be considered as damaged.

Is it a big deal to lose your passport? ›

If you lose your passport, not only will the application process be more complicated, you may be issued a passport with a limited period of validity. People who lose their passports more than once generally have to apply, pay for, and interview for a new passport every year instead of once every ten years.

Does Indian passport number change after reissue? ›

A: Duplicate passports are not issued however; a new passport with different passport number may be issued with fresh validity. The applicant has to apply in re-issue category with reason as Lost/Damaged passport.

Is birth certificate mandatory for minor passport in India? ›

Anyone applying for a passport who was born on or after January 26, 1989 must show their birth certificate as identification in accordance with the Passport Rules of 1980. A new law now allows other sorts of documents to be used in place of birth certificates.

Is parent original passport required for minor? ›

It is advised to carry original and self-attested copies of parents passport to Passport Seva Kendra (PSK), in case parents possess passport. For minor applicants, documents can be attested by parents. The minor applicant is eligible for Non-ECR till he/she attains the age of 18 years.

What is the minor age for Indian passport? ›

To apply for a passport in India, citizens under the age of 18 are considered minors. The application for the passport is made through parents and guardians. Legal guardians or parents must get consent to grant minors passports.

Is Aadhar card and passport linked? ›

With a view to making the Passport issuance process simpler, more secure and reliable, the Passport Seva Project has taken the initiative to digitally integrate with the UID database for validating the Aadhaar number, submitted by the passport applicant, as a Proof of Identity and Proof of Address.

Is it mandatory to link aadhar with passport? ›

According to the note from a meeting on Aadhaar, chaired by Modi on September 6, the PMO has said passports in the country should be linked to the Aadhaar number so as to utilise the biometric data collected under it. The Passport Authority of India falls within the Ministry of External Affairs.

Do I need to change my passport when I turn 18? ›

Remember that a valid child passport can be used up until it expires, even after your child has turned 18, so they'll never be without a passport. However, it is more than worth familiarising yourselves with the process early, so you can apply with plenty of time before your next big trip.

Is birth certificate enough for minor passport? ›

Minors between 15-18 years of age:Note: If the applicant is eligible for the Non-ECR category, documentary proof in the form of a Birth Certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or any other agency authorised by the Registrar of Births and Deaths to issue Birth Certificates is required.

How many days does it take for minor passport? ›

It will take you 4-7 days to get the passport.

Can I use my current passport while waiting for a new one UK? ›

It is a good idea to keep your old passport, however, as it could help you if your new one goes missing or is stolen. You would then be able to use it to verify your identity with HM Passport Office or at your local British embassy.

Can I use my old passport after marriage? ›

Your old passport will be cancelled. Your new passport is 'post-dated' - you cannot use it before the ceremony. Some countries will not issue visas for post-dated passports - check with the country's embassy or consulate. You must send a 'passports for newly weds and civil partners' form with your documents.

Can you travel while waiting for passport renewal? ›

You cannot travel while your U.S. passport application is still in pending or in process. The only way you can get a passport issued sooner is by applying in person at a regional agency. These agencies require an appointment. Your appointment date must be within 3 business days of your travel date.

How many days before I get my new passport? ›

The rates for new applications and passport renewal are as follows: Regular – Php 950.00 (12 business days) Expedited – Php 1,200.00 (7 business days) Penalty for lost or mutilated ePassport – Php 350.00.

How fast can I get a passport? ›

Processing Times
Routine6 to 9 weeks
Expedited3 to 5 weeks
Expedited at AgencyMust have international travel within 14 calendar days

Are old and new passports linked? ›

The number on the passport will remain the same, only the validity will be changed in the passport. The changes will be made to the existing/old passport and will be returned as a renewed passport. Passport re-issue A passport is reissued when the passport holder requires an entirely new passport.

Is marriage certificate required for fresh passport? ›

A: Married applicants would not be required to provide any marriage certificate.

Can I travel with my old passport after getting married India? ›

So you can either keep your maiden name in ALL documents or change to the married name in ALL documents. If you have already changed to the married name in any government or bank-issued document, you should migrate all your documents to the new name as fast as possible.


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