The Age from Melbourne, Victoria, Victoria, Australia - (2023)

9 THE AGE. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 25. 1947 PEOPLE and PAR TIES Racing enthusiasts from other States and from country districts throughout Victoria will be arriving in Melbourne next week in time for the round of Cup-week parties. Women Behind the Scenes in Film Production Although much has been heard of the girls who have been chosen to play leading roles in Eureka Stockade, little is known of the women who will work behind the scenes in the film's production. COUTH AUSTRALIAN yUltor. jT THE OPENING of the vice-president 'of the Insurance who will stay at Menzles' In- second programme of the Institute of Victoria (Mr dude Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lear. Ballet Rambert at the Princess McDonnell) and Mrs McDon-monih. Mr. and Mrs. R. Dugan, last night, woman members of nell, the secretary (Mr Mr. and Mrs. Harry Alderman, the audience were undecided In Vines) and Mrs. Vines Mr a e' Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Reld, Mr. their choice of frocklng. While Newton, representing' the Rovai Mrs. Malcolm Reld, and Mr. some wore long evening gowns, Victorian Institute for the Blind Mrs. Wyndham Hill, who and the ankle-length frocks with and Mrs. Newton: the secretary will spend a great deal of their fur coats, other wore short frocks of the ball committee (Mr HukIi time with Mrs. Hill's mother, with flowered hats. G. McCutcheon), the treasurer Mrs. Robert Lane. Among Syd- Among those noticed in the Mr' L. Cutler) and Mrs. Cutler, nev visitors will be Sir Sidney audience were Mr. Garnet Car- and Mr- and Mrs. J. A. McMur-Baow, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Gol- roll and Mrs. Carroll, who was trte- Proceeds will aid the chll-icn, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Tancred, a striking figure In a gown ol dren's section of the Royal Vic-Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dovey, and sea breeze green crepe, which was 'orian Institute for the Blind. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Crennan, richly b.ded with colored tulips while from Launceston will come She wore a matching beaded tulip A EARLY WEDDING IS Mr. and Mrs M. G. Pepper and as a pendant. Gardenias were planned by Miss June Dvcr MUs E. Quieley. pinned to the silver fox bolero and Mr. Jack Barton, whose en-Country visitors at Menzles" worn by Mrs. Bruce Shepherd Clement is announced to-day. will include Mr. and Mrs. An- with her gown of white chiffon. Jurl the only daughter of Mr. drew Chirnslde, of Carranballuc, Mrs. P. L. Coleman wore a silver and Mrs. R. L. Dyer, of New-ind their daughter, Miss Jennifer ox cape with ner dusty pink street, Brighton Beach, and her Chimside; Miss N. Heath, of crepe gown. She was with Mrs. fiance is the second son of the llllydale, and Miss M. Carson, Ken Luke, Mrs. R. Honcyman late Mr- ad Mrs. Milton Barton, also of Llllydale. and Mrs. o. Curtain, who wore fornerly Perth, W.A. 'J 8own of black crepe, with mnV SCONE New South aee1ulned bdlce. Miss RETURNING to Melbourne on F.2. Veronica Syme wore a tomato- the Orion to-day will be Miss for the next shot. Mrs. Smart would time the shooting of a scene with a stop- watch. If the time were in excess of that in the original script, which Is the blueprint of tha film, the director (Mr. Harry Watt) would then go over the scene, cutting to the required time. Yesterday Mr. Splro received word that several woman hair dressers had been engaged for the company. Making up tha players, however, will not be one of the Jobs to be undertaken by women. The make-up artist Is Mr. Tom Shenton, who made up the players in Caesar and Cleopatra and a number of other leading English films. depend the smooth 'linking up of sequences taken at widely spaced Intervals, he said: Close-ups, for Instance, were often shot weeks later than the rest of the scene in which they would be included. Mrs. Smart would take down In shorthand the dialogue spoken by the actors, and record every movement accompanying the words. She must notice if one character had a handkerchief showing above his pocket, so that it would be placed just that way for tlie nexC shot taken days later. Every detail of the costumes, the make-up (evjn the parting of hair) and the arrangement of the setting must be noted in the same precise manner and arranged, In exactly the same way Several of the positions on the production side of the picture, which will be the first major historical film made In Australia, have been given to women. Costumes and continuity are two of the exacting Jobs they will handle. Designed Costumes The costumes to be worn by the principals have been designed by Miss Dahl Colllngs, who was In charge of the wardrobe for The Overlanders. Mr. Julian Splro, second unit director of the film, said yesterday Miss Colllngs had been working on the designs for the past year, so that every detail of the fashions of the period would be accurate. The wardrobe mistress will be Mrs. A. Nash, who has held this position at both the Minerva and Theatre Royal, In Sydney. When production commences next month six assistants will r. r--rr--TirriimiiiMiiiiMiuijimnmm "--v' 7 cne a last eigni monins working witn Mat ZbT' "dJfr ana a plaid the Guide International Service iL vbUo uonucau, nnisnea at one in Europe. Miss Hay man went to miss June nuicrunsun yiuya- utc jjiuhu jur cr turtle, mr jnn Attiiursu neju, miss meg ind Mrs. Morgjng horse, Va- side with a cluster of cherries. England at the Invitation of the McDougall and Mr. Ron Simpson at the party given last night to celebrate her engage- will WEDDINGS CELEBRATED Hint Crown, run In the Also noticed were Mr and Mrs G.I.S. committee to report mem, 1 WAR WIDOWS' 'SHOP I tux Gibson Forster A graceful white gown, made Tilth a bodice of white lace and a full chiffon skirt, was worn by Vivienne, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Forster, Brighton, for her marriage with Mr. Marshall Hope Gibson, which was quietly celebrated at the Llttlejohn Memorial Chapel, Scotch College. She carried a bouquet of lily of the valley, and matching flowers adorned the mid-Victornan race cap holding in place her veil. The bridegroom, who Is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Hope Gibson, Frankston, had Mr. Hedley Ladd as best man. After the ceremony, at wnicn Rev. F. E. Yarnold officiated, a dinner party for relatives and close friends was held at the Hotel Australia. Cromie Wataon The marriage of Valerie Gllles, eldest daughter of Mrs. R. G. Watson, Brighton, and the lata Mr. H. G. Watson, with Maxwell John, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Cromie, Armadale, was celebrated yesterday at Llttlejohn Memorial ChapeC Scotch College. Rev. Alec. Fraser officiated. The bride, who was attended by her sister, Miss Nancy Watson, and Miss Valmal Crump, wore a lace veil over her gown of marquisette, which was fashioned with a pin-tucked bodice with lace insertion. She carried a posy of lily of the valley- The bridesmaids carried 1830 posies of cyclamens and pale blue delphiniums against their pale blue and silver Italian brocade gowns. The best man was Mr. Marsden Wood and Mr. Albert Parkes was groomsman. A reception was held at 9 Darling-street. help with the issue of 1200 costumes for extras In the crowd scenes. Mr. Splro said clothes for the extras would be bought In large quantities. Orders would be placed for several hundred boots, shirts and breeches, to be worn in the crowd scenes. Important Work One of the most Important jobs on the set, Mr. Splro said, was the post held by the person in charge of continuity. Mrs. Ralph Smart, who was on location with The Overlanders, will be "continuity girl" again for Eureka Stockade. Her husband, who was associate producer of The Overlanders, made the Australia film Bush Christmas, which is to be released here at Christmas-time. On Mrs. Smart's work would FOR HANDCRAFTS A ground floor room in the old Western Market Building, where the War Widows' Craft Guild has its head quarters, has been transformed into a charming shop where, from next Thursday, members' handcraft) will be on sale. The opening of the shop at former meeting room Into the at-437 Collins-street as the Christ- tractive shop it now Is, and In mas season approaches is timely, building up stocks, as many of the articles made by Nearly all the furnishings have the guild would be ideal, Christ- either been loaned or specially mas gifts. made by members. A glass-fronted Many months of hard work oak dresser and a circular oak have gone into converting the table, which give the shop Its pleasing air of grace and dig bred by Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Miss Barbara Selleck. who was ,1 "Rwlbank." won the A.J.C. with her fiance, Mr. Geoffrey Drb)r- Tolson. and Miss Hilary Birt and Mrs. Barry Thomson. AMONG MAFFRA visitors who will stay at Hotel Australia YOUTHFUL hostesses who will be Mrs. Fred. Gilder, Mr. are In their last year at school Mrs. B. Pennefather, and will entertain 200 of their younr Mr. and Mrs. Alan McLean. Syd- friends at 9 Darlinir-street this ney racegoers Include Mr. and evening. They are Beverlev Mrs. Ian Jacoby, Mr. and Mrs. daughter of Mr. and Mrs Vai Furlong, Mr. and Mrs. J. Fur- Blogg; Pat, daurhler of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mrs. Ewart Leggo; Freda Betts Blair, while other lntcr-State visl- niece of Miss Florence Mankhe tors will be Mrs. L. Leahy, and and Dr. and Mrs. Clive Bell- Mr. and Mrs. D. Leahy, of Ade- Barbara, daughter or Dr and aide, and Mr. and Mrs. H. Mrs. Stuart Fraser: Jov daurh" McWhlrter, of Brisbane. ter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Movitz anJ Margaret, daughter of Mrs! STAYING at the Oriental will wi.IEbrhoolTrrefd,hC,mn,"ttS be Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Catherine's and Melbourne Girls1 McArthur. Camperdown; Mr. and Grammar School. Mrs. J. McWllliam, Metung, and Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Jones, New- castle. Mr. J. Connelly will also ELBOURNE FRIENDS of ecme down from Newcastle, ac- Mrs. Marjorie Edna Lear, companicd by his daughter, month, widow of the late Wing- Among Sydney visitors will be Commander Charles Cuthbertson Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wood, Mr. Learmonth, and daughter of Mr and Mrs. A. R. Buckle, and Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Chappie PeDPer- ind Mrs. Millard Hagon, while mint Grove, West Australia will Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Judell, Mr. be Interested to hear that her and Mrs. J. Lee, and Mr. and marriage with Dr. Leslie Ernest Mrs. W. T. Ryan will come from le Souef, of South Perth elder Adelaide. son of the late Colonel 'e A a a and Mrs. le Souef, will be cele brated to-day. The ceremony will THE ENGAGEMENT of their take place at St. George's College daughter. June, to Jim Ak- ehapel, University of West Aus- iiurst was celebrated at a cock- tralla. tail party yesterday by Mr. a a and Mrs. Norman Hutchinson at l-mnw their home In St. George's-road, come ncW5 iw.t that Dr. Lyn Thomas, who Is Engagements Announced nity, have been loaned by the president (Mrs. G. A. Vasey), while the green floor rugs placed on the brown carpet have been woven by members of the guild. Blending with the period furniture is the brown-and-gold wallpaper, which was found tucked away In a small shop in Carlton. The cream picture railing edging the wallpaper gives a light, fresh appearance the room. On the- shelves of the oaken dresser, and In small semi-circular glass show cases, also loaned to the miilri are riisnlnveri the HOME FRONT FAIR Women who worked through the war years as members of the A.I.F. Women's Association are once again rallying to help a good cause, and they will be working: hard at the Home Front Fair on Friday, November 14, at the Melbourne Town Hall. McLAUOIILIN DOH80N. Phyltss Mar-go ret. only daughter of Mrs. F. McLaughlin, 35 Oroom -street. Clifton Hill, to Joseph Michael, only son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Dobson. 28 Steet-street, North Fooiaeray. MeLENNAN BENNETT. Lorraine Clare, eldest diunhfer of Mr. and Mra H. W. McLennan, of Lennox-street, Hawthorn, to Atian Bennett. TOWN8END BELL. The Engagement is announced of Norma, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 8. II. Townsend, of 'Co-burg, to William Keith, younger son ol Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bell, of Sunshine, TRIGG MARTIN. Nancy Jean, Only child of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Trigg, of Orassmere. to Kenneth McDonald, younger son of Mr. and Mra. J. McDonald Mar tin. cif FcoLscray. WILLIAMS II ARDI MAN. Gladys Trent, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Williams, of Smith-street, Kensington, to David Thomas, eldest son of Mr. and Mn. T. A. Hardiman, of Klpllng-street, Moone Ponds. Approaching Marriage Thr Mnrrlnge of Shirley Patricia, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mra, Ken P. O'Brien. Brunswick Hotel, to Reginald John, second son of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Chambers, will be celebrated with Nuptial Miss on Tuesday. October 28. at St. Augustine's. Bm rice-street, and afterwards at Km II worth House, 961 Chapel-street. South Yarra, The proceeds of the fair will varied goods which will be on be equally divided between the sale. They Include gaily colored A.I.F. Women's Holiday House scarves, attractive travelling rugs. Association and the Food for floor rugs, cot and pram covers merit ring Is set with an oblong OI ur- iiunngs, nncain Appeal. a special iea- ann nne nnen ainner mats, fanphne edged with diamonds nns recelved the Diploma of Child Mr. Marshall Oibson and his bride, who was fonnerly ture of the fair will be the large The shop will be ooen each those a 'moss green crepe frock' Heftltn. after the completion ol Afiss Vivienne Forster, photographed at the reception number of goods specially made week day after the official open- u-j, a course at Princess Louisa Hns wmcn tuuuwca ineir marriage yesieraay. knitted bed Jackets, bed socks, Htr parents, assisted by her Ormond-street elder sister, Patricia-, received 'V tvVin tr- i i nn rhp work of the Aus- Kindergarten Fund the 80 young guests BUMMi juinpeis ana cardigans, hs wen as attractive baby and children's DOVS L-IUD hete clothes, all of them suitable for posting to England, will be fea- Scouts of the 10th Brunswick among Th-. i. tra an Guirip HII1U11K mis. n. innmHS la nnnan relief team' in i Launched rAta HicfiSS; SturLr FX ind 'their wives- her fianre's Melbourne, and a former res dent viousiy in cnarge, ana to aenyer SrlL Akhurilnd Rovai Melbourne Hospital, "number of lecture to English BARRY MALANE. Marie Theroio. yoirger of late Mr. and Mrs. Barry of Oolnc. to James Patrfck. youiigur aon or Mr. E. Ma lane. 14 Da Imor-avenue. Onpahd. and the lata Mrs. Malana. BACON BABNETT. Lynette. younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Bacon. North-coie, to Harry, only son of Mr. and Mr. H. Barnett. Northcote. BENSCH smith. Shirley Jean, yo.irm eat daughter of Mn, Benson, 58 Rc-Ront-street. BUtern1ok, to Ronald Gordon, younnMt aon of Mr. T. J. 8mitn. Fern Tree Qully, and tha late Elizabeth Smith BEROER BERNAU. Joan Pauline, the only daughter of Mr, and Mrs. O. J. Berger. of 95 Surrey-road, South Yarra, to Edward CharlM, youngest son of Mr. and Mra. E. Bernau, of tti Prlnoasa-itrael. Richmond. DKLAHUNTY HAI.LETT. Mary Mar-met. onlv daughter of Mr. I. Oelihunty of Murrumbeena. and the late Mr. P. DclBhunU. to Keith, elder ion of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hallet. of Oaklelgh, GOODIE WATTS. Ethel Jean. only daughter of Mr. and Mra. P. Ooudle, En-fleld-road. Brighton, to Norma Harold, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. N. Wafts. View Point-street. Ararat. OOWLING MUNRO. Shirley Manraret. elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Cowling, Elm -street. Northcote, to William Ar-Lhur. cnlv (n of Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Mu tiro. Pascoe Vste-road, Esnendon. HARRISON BROWN LEK. rend a Mary, only daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Ha risen, of White Hcrse-road. Blackburn, ti Thomai James, only son of Mrs. E. M. Crownlee. of Austin-street, Fairfield, and the late Mr. Brownlee. 1IAVSI1AM MA8KKLI, Betty Florence yminyest daughter of Mr. and Mra. J. tlayanain. to Albert William, youngest aon of Mra. Maskell and Mr. Maskell Prahran. HOOK PURNELL. Roma Patricia, younger daughter of Mrs. E. Hook. Chaucer-avenue. East Malvern, and the late Mr. Hook, to Robert Dow ell, younger son of Mr. and Mra. T. D. Purnell, Orlord avenue, Kew. JONES HOPS. Owen Elizabeth, on'y daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Jones. Bmton-a venue. East Malvern, to Harold William, elder son of Mr. and Mr. C. E. Hope. Commonwe-ilih Bank. Rlfhmoni. LEKOVICH MURPHY. Frnnfft. younper daughter of Mr. and Mn 1ko-vlch. Portarltnafon. to Dwmond, e'der son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Murphy. Dennett -stTfrt. late Ewendr-n. McCarthy hoatii. owend-iine Mm daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. H. McCarthy. 1H Vlciorla-'ireet. Fntcm to Robert, third wn of Mr. and Mrs Hoath. 32 Rayview-road. Seddon The new HamDton Communltv tured on woolIi Troop formed a guard of honor worm. MeMAIION BARRETT. Agnes Gertrude, daughter of Mrs. W. and the late Mr- McMahon. Orboat, to William, only son of Mr. and Mrs, V. Barrett, of Brighton. OGLE WEINBERG, Shirley. only daughter of Mrs. W. E. Ojle, Windsor, to Ray, only son ol Mrs. H. Welnborg. Korang. PATERHON HEYDK. Alma Irene, the only cnlld of Mr. and Mrs. O. Palerson. of Brunswick, to Leonard Oeorge, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Heyde, of Moonee Ponds. BEAY THOMAS. Molra. only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Rey. Richmond. In Robert, only ton of Mra. Thomas and tne tate Mr. Thomas. Dulbrlek Hill, Sydney. RUSSELL Bt'BKELL. Patricia Lynn-ette. only child of Mr. and Mrs. A. RuskpII, East Malvern, to William A. youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Burrell, Ipsnlch. Quemland. SAVIGE MrLEAN. The Engagement announced of Hilda Alice, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Savige. of 15.1 ChU'-oh-streei. Hawthorn, to Donald Tinman, onlv son of Mr. and Mra. T. E. McLean pf 13 Bm an -street. Hawthorn. SELL SClltll.TZ. MlrUm Olive, only diughter of Mrs. Rail. Ken Rim ton. anJ the late Victor Pell, to Ernest. ot Morwell. only son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Schultr. 8IM MOIMMSON. Helen Kinsley, yannge.n daughter of Mr. and Mra. T. Kinsley Sim, Ranfurlle-crescent. East Malvern, to William Thornton, eldest son of Mrs. E. R. Morrison. Flndon-atreet, Haw-thorn, and the late Mr. A. I. Morrison. STAGG TEAL. Joan Patricia, youngest dtughter of the late Mr. Stagg and Mr. E. H. Staeg, Aberc rouble-street, Deendene, to Harold Victor, third son or Mr. and Mra, W. Teal. Creasv-road. Camperdown. STEVENS A LA WAY. Norma Helen, eldest ait nil ter rf Mr. R. A. Stevens, and the late Mrs. S'evens. Teak-stret Catil-flelfj. to Praneu Ncrman. only son of Mr. aid Mrs T. W. Allaway. Sebaatopol- SUMMERTON MrGItlNNESS. Tha an-riwntnt animunr'-d ol Dorothy, only fMuahter of Mr. J. H. and the late Mra. SumTi-rtnn. 1 I Ynllourn, NoTnan MbtIcI. only son of Mr. and Mre. C. MnOulnnew. 32 Church -street. ANTIQUES Sea Our Windows for Old and Mod era Silver. China. She meld Plate and Old Jewellery A.M.D.P.. 124 Ellzabcth-at, Central 815. MELBOURNE HAT HOSPITAL Be economical. Don't throw your old hat away, We will renovate to your satisfaction. Consult us for all styles in MODERN METHODS OP MODEL MILLINERY, No. 5 The Centrcway, Melbourne. CENT, 8423, SUPERFLUOUS HAIRS fr MOLES Permanently Removed by Electrlo Treatment. This la tha only method whtoh haa proved auccesMul. Miss STON5 hM mot than 2B YEARS' EXPERIENCE, MIS3 STONE. Talma Building. 119 6waruton-tre4. Oppostf Town Hall. Melbourne, O.l, HT Mrly neXl teanriuropl, af Bosco Boys' Club last night TO CELEBRATE the 21st birth- Australians are serving. gXn "JS1" and E. C. Plgg.n) are making an open he club 's annua fe te 'heir daughter, Gwynn MfEri AM 800 gu-t at- in honor of tate Dr. Vera Scantlebury day, ad Stalls will be stocked Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Hughes, of tended the annua cabaret Patricia Bull whose Brown. i iw.ltfX with flowers produce fancv Glen Hiintly. gave a dance at ball held by the Insurance In- marMaye ''mt. idwkrd Je- announced at the uJFt lnca goods TbablesP and children's the'Oablcs last night. Gwynn stltute of Victoria at Earl's ndv of West Australia will take annual meeting of the Kinder- u.n"y'..f0 11 clothing mre a lemon-figured nylon Court last night. They were re- Sface at St PaWck's Cathedral garten Parents' Association, at hich will carry well. Donations frock fashioned with an off- celved by the chairman of the gwS.fat which the fund was offlclaUy of fruU and jytaMes the-shoulder neckline and a ball committee (Mr. F. S. Way- gotei Australia last night by her opened by Or. T. Duff. The wou ako be welcomed, and bouffant skirt, while her mother cott) and Mrs. Waycott, who Mrs. G. Mathlas, Mrs. mayor of Sandringham (Cr. F. should be sent to. 437 Collins- A Cnurch, Mont Albert ihose a teal blue crepe frock to pinned a spray of orchids to the E. Ralnsbury and Mrs. C. N. Yott) presided. Mmt th North, to-day. There will be a which she pinned a spray of shoulder of her royal blue taffetas Robinson. Misses Verna Rains- At the school hall at- Lady Herring, president of the 5pecial bus from Mont Albert gardenias. Gwynn's cousin, Miss frock, which was fashioned with bury Margaret Press and Gladys tached to Hampton Methodist association, yesterday stressed terminus at 2 45 June Standing, assisted In re- a full skirt and shirred bodice. Birchell. who will be the brides- Church in Service-street is be- the need for more financial as- cilvlng the guests, among whom Among those seated at the of- maids, were among the guests, ing used, but the new building sistance in maintaining the noli- VARICOSE ULCERS, ECZEMA The Only Painless Remedy, 80 Ttara succesa. Purtlcs. Free. LOTHERINOTON'S, 21ft St. North Fltiroy. SUPERFLUOUS HAIRS Destroyed. guaranteed. Send stamped addressed envelope for particulars. Mra. P. Hullen (Dept. A), Bth floor. Centrewav, 250 Collins-street. Melbourne. Cent. 6285. were many or uwynn leiiow- nciai table were tne president ol Patricia, who was presented wltn win De ereciea ra cunier oi ua.y oriV Esut. sffii VnT ii itudents at the Pharmacy Col- the Incorporated Australian In- a bouquet of white roses, wore a Myrtle-road and Sargood-street, widows and their cniiaren can ocioiw 2s. trom lege and school friends at the surance Institute (Mr. R. St. short mole jacket over her char- on land made available by Sand- much-needed holidays for to 6 lffia" Methodist Ladles' College. John) and Mrs. St. John, the treuse patterned frock. ringham council. a very small cost. KUvi.riiarten. udvt.1 CHURCH NEWS AND WEEK-END SERVICES CHURCH NOTICES CHURCH NOTICES riu RCH NOTICES APOSTOLIC. PERSONAL NOTES CHURCH OF ENGLAND. CHURCH NOTICES SPIRITUALIST CHURCHES 4 A. A. PR ANA SPIRITUAL CHAPEL, A Rlvrin limine 1 HI Cftlllna-at. QT. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL. OCTOBER 26. 233 PUNT 1 1K1.M1Y AAl, JlUorn AL Rev John Alexander, assistant Booth, at Blshooscourt, until METHODIST. CENTRAL MISSION. WESLEY CHURCH, LONSDALE-srilEET. HOSPITAL SUNDAY. 2. 3U p.m.: Community Slnjlnj. 3 p.m.: P.S.A. Speaker, Dr. ALAN MtCUT-CHEON. Subject, "WHEnE H08-PI'l'ALS nOI(l Musi- hriiviHrrt Ut Rrtdse-i-d. tram. 7 mln. from Hiehmond. Service and Healing. Clairvoyance at both minister at Scots Church, Mel. Thursday, when they will leave to! Emiaonff. 11: THE ARCHBIdrtOF. 7 Wtnt Rlciimnnd stallcmi and Swnn-st. tram). iHK ELECT. TUESDAY. SS. SIMON services, tuu Haraen, miss m. aouinam. 7.15 p.m.. Mr. F. 11. Drake. Sub, "Re II a.m.- Communion, :t.ia AND JUUE. A MM. 1U.3U. HU. Animal Mpetlm Friendi ol tha Ctthedral pienisA tne tartn. it p.m.; I Piiblls) Jtan Reld. Suprauo; Joyce Hollo. Conirslto. and Lawience Warner, Organist. p.m.:. oourne, lor more man a year," win tuieua ceieuiMiiuiin in wun-retire at the end of this month. nectlon with the centenary of the He will conduct the morning ser-1 Adelaide diocese. Later they will vice to-morrow, and this will be take Dart In similar celebrations i) t-uoiic aianca. p.m., p.m.: Blb Study bv Mr. R. Longstafl-WriglH. SUB.IC1": The Mystery and Olory of Divine Eicrtlon lAsts B. ib p.m.: nopel Service. SPEAKER Pastor J. A. CIPPSLAND CENTENARY PILCRIMACE TO TARRAVILLE Christ Church, Tarravllle, will be the centre of a from the whole of Glppsland to-day to celebrate the centenary of the Church of England In Glppsland. A pioneers' service will be conducted by the Bishop of Glppsland (Rt. Rev. D. B. Blackwood), and reminiscences and stories of old days will be related by former clergy and laity of the diocese. WEDNESDAY, 7.3U. H.C. 1.15. Midday. HA i ALL SAI.M3' DAY. and Young rciiowsnip ica. 1 1 a.m. i REV. A. O. DAY. 6 40 Oraan He- 10 3(1. H.C. miliar Ohm-Mi Yarra. 8 a cltal, Mr. GAMES OAWNE. L.R.A.M. 7 his last as assistant. The minis-; at Newcastle, and will to; e. uh.iia;i ine nmnincancr oi a DUET: Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Hartley. Lecture. coma and Learn. i SCOT Vale Christian Spiritual Church, The Parade. Sunday, 7 p.m.. Air. A. Lninpier and oihers. Twnp, Hall, 8. Spiritual Church, 3 and 7. Services, Mra. Stewart. H. Havricn. REV. A. J. ORIOO. Principal. Ban-Thcflloclcal Calicos. Subircl. lit 7.15 p.m.: Address to Chrlstluns. ter. Rev. A. encnton uarr, sam rvieioourne in time lor tne ceiv SPEAKER: Pa or W. A. C. ROWB. THUIio. a.m. Hoi Communion. 11 Matliu. Canon Thomas, 7 j.m., Even-soiik, Canon Thoina. Hospital nurses and lied Cross vergers invHed to tha wrvtcas. Church paradr of St. John's Ambulance at yesterday that Mr. Alexander tenary congress on wovemoer 1 1. CHRIBT OF THE CENTRE AND CIRCUMFERENCE." Antliem, Seelt Ye the Lord. Varley Robnrtji. 1 7.45 o.m.: Wonierm" service. SPEAKER. Mra. Rowe. 7 p.m. (To-night): Area Rev. Phil. Have, of N.S.W., had earned the affection and gra BRUNSWICK. Lyceiir, u.m.. Mediums. Clr who has lust returned to Aus rrayer Meeting, you ak weuwmb. WTH. OAMBrcRWELiL. S2nd Anniversary, 11 a.m.. Dr. W. nnrrhini' titude, not only of the congregation, hut also of manv visitors, by evensong. at. Holy Communion. 7 p.m.. Evensoni, Rev, A. M. Lovlck. p.m.. Transition Service for late Mrs. GeJlO way. Mr. Dillon speaker. Vocalist, MiU Rose. Mrs. Weir. ASSEMBLIES OF GOD tralia from the Baptist world congress at Copenhagen, will his vigorous and inspiring preach P.S.A. Musical progrunme. Choral Melbourne Conservatorlum of Musle. Dnec-i tor, Dr. A. P. Ehrenield; 7 p.m.. Dr. Wilson Rev. A. G. Harrison, director of social services for the Presbyterian Church, will lecture on and show film strips of social-service work, at Geelong College this morning, and Morongo Girls' School this afternoon, also at Coburg Presbyterian church tomorrow night, and Cairns Memorial In the morning. Mr. James Holloway, president of Victorian Churches of Christ Conference, will speak to-morrow morning at North Richmond church, and at Newmarket at 7 p.m. Rev. A. Crlchton Barr will preach on Christ In a Modern Hospital, at the annual service of the Australian Nurses' Christian Movement, in Scots Church to-morrow evening, Mr. David Plummer has been appointed director of music at Collins-street Independent Church. A well-known choir ftAMBERWELL, C.S.O.L., Hub HaJl, show color films of the con 8, 11, Window Unvelltna-, Csnon Watt. Address by Mr. R. Cowan, Warden LIST MARY AYBRS. Of U.S.A.. Will SDOak as an services, oau, a p.m.. mhivioi 'CHRISTIAN School of Life, Room 7, Tern gress at Kew Baptist school hall Eo-night, and will address a youth service at the church to-morrow SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION OF VICTORIA "The Place of Dramft In Rellilous Education." Address by Miss E. M. Card- Trinity Colloge. 7 p.m.. nev. u. j. howwi, 8T. MARTIN'S. HAWKSBURN. 8 a.m., Holy Communion and 11 a.m.. Matins. Rv. E. schviegtr. 7 P'i Evensong. AHBASSADOnS. MI H3J ON A Hx NIUHl, "Mu rui.ll in vork amons tha ABORK1I- NE3." Teatlmontea by Young People who wen (secretary. AWerNstreei uonservato- niirtit. rium). Dramatic Presentation, "The Other msHnp dp British COLUMBIA. nave neara uoa eau. ii n.m RRPAKIKfl Ctf BREAD. "POWBR RE be presented with a souvenir Testament. All will be entertained at Blshopscourt, and afterwards visit East Sale aerodrome. outstanding event will be a thanksgiving service at Sale Cathedral on November 2, and a procession to the site of the first service in Sale the old Woolpack Inn. ing. Archbishop Booth will preach at St. Paul's Cathedral to-morrow morning, and will conduct a confirmation service at St. Mary's, Warburton, in the evening. The Bishop of Lichfield and Mrs. Woods will arrive to-day In the Orion. They will be the guests of Archbishop' and Mrs. Dy Mem fxj 1st you in reiiowsniD Dra Archbishop d'Alton, Archbishop of Armagh, successor to the late matis Club. Independent Hall: Colllna-st. 5 to 530 p.m.. RADIO SESSION, "HARVEST GLEANINGS SER ST. PEIlvKS, ninu, iiui Communion, 8 a.m. and 9.30 fc.m. (St. Mary's Mission, 9.15 a.m.). ChoraJ Euchar iCtty, Monday, October 27, 8 p.m. 1RAItRAN C.B.C.. 244 Hlgh-st. 3.15 lM 7.1ft. Addrus and Meuaeea. O.H. fbntH ist. 11 a.m. rreacnrr, ncv. a. bihiui, Th.L. Evensons. 7.30 p.m.. Preacher, BAPTIST. 4 COLLINS -STREET. MELBOURNE. MONS in bono, over say. rresenieo, oy Pistor C. L. Greenwood. 7 p.m;. EVANGELISTIC SERVICE. "I VISIT THE HOLV LAND F.xoerlencM that chanted cardinal Mcitory, win represent the hierarchy of Ireland at the diocesan centenary celebrations In Melbourne In May next. Ac Canon Milliard. HOSPITAl SUNDAY. Rev. J. ARTHUR LEWIS. B.A. 11 a.m.. "CHRIST AND THEi PROBLEM OF PAIN." 7 p.m., "THIS! my life. I stand where Ood met Abraham. 8 p.m.. Tin! BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. 8 p.m., DIVINE; SUNDAY BL'HUUb ur vib'iunm The Place of Drama in Rellnlous Education." Address by MUs E. M. Card-well (Secretary. Conservato- cepting an invitation to visit siuk uuMMunii y. Anmems: "jesu, Priceless Treasure" (Roberts). "Awake Thou HEALING. "Its ministry in tne cnuren services), Mr. Flndlater. Tea, and elrel between service. PRESTON Mission of Light, 2-V1 Murraj-rd. 3-7: Mrs. Pemberton. Mr. Laurl RICHMOND Ohrlstlan Spiritual Church, 3: 7.15, Mra. Traverse. ROTH ER WOOD-ST. Richmond. Service at 7.13 p.m., Sunday. Hospital colleo Hon, SPIRITUAL BAPTIST MELBOURNE. To-day. 2.30, SOOIAiV Welcome. Songs ana elocution. Talk on Health. Sunday, 7.5, Rev, O. Bdffar Abbott. Sundnv. Nov. 2 ''Blnk H.RH tO-day. ALL WHLiUUMfi. That sleopMt' (Btainer Organ Kecitai, it ft by Law ren ce a rner rlum). Dramatic Presentation, "The Other Inn." by Methodist Youth Fellowship Dramatic Club. Independent Hall. City Monday. October 27, p.m. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. nev Li, j. uomm, hiu." i Sie-'ia, of the Youth Service. Suejker. Hev. Pull. Havaa. Mother Ohureh. The First cnuren oi IUUkak. 1 JJti rt nuarunu oui-rV A a.m.. Holv Communion. 11 ol N.S W. ro-ninhi. 8 p.m.. Color Fllitii Christ. Raientht, In Boston. hold oi Copenhagen cctigress. py uev. f. nayi On the site of this old church -the oldest in the territory the ttat services were held In 1847 Rev. E. G. Pryce. Two three years previously Mr. Price had come to Glppsland Irom Monaro, N.S.W., to' con. dutt baptisms snd marriages. In 1H7 he was sent by Bishop W. u. Broughton, Bishop of Austra-to slay a year and establish the work of the church among the scattered settlers and round the only port of entrance, Port Albert. The first services were held In the court house. Then, In 1156, the hcautlfnl little Christ Church, Tarravllle, was built, Mine sent out in parts from Entland. To-day the Very Rev. Dean "ngley, who had charge of this "ea years ago, will preach the itrmon. To-morrow former vicars nd rectors will preach in all ulppsland churches at parish P.oneer services. Many people come long distances. Children from all over Gipps-lnd will attend a children's pil-fmage to Sale next Saturday a special service of thanks-t, at which each child will a.m.. Morning Prayer and Sermon. 6.30. Prayer Meeting. 7 p.m., Evening Prsyer and Holv flommunlon. H. M. ARROW- crvicM as unaer, auojeci oi aunnay PROBATION AFTER Sr. 1 1. uev. a J. Grlxa. Principal ol Bantlst Collcsa 7. Youth Service. WikIiim- lflft coilina-st. Many Helpe4 DEATH. SMITH, Vicar. IHSI C'llUHOH, si. miaa-rono. -oiin. 11 anrf 7 1t- ft 11 TMllmnilf uiroutrn prayer. OTHER DENOMINATIONS. dnay, 7.1ft p.m.. Prayer Meeting and BlDte Meellr.ii. 8. R.R.. 247 Oolllns-streel. (Jiasa. PRESBYTERIAN. VMBA83ADORS of the Presbyterian nhnmh r.vtMulnn and DevelO'ment Melbourne for the celebrations. Cardinal Spellman, New York, In a cable message to Archbishop Mannlx, said he was overjoyed at the prospect of visiting Australia and meeting the Australian people. Colonel Wilfred Kltchlng, ac companied bv the head quarters staff band, will conduct the diamond jubilee celebrations of Shepparton Salvation Army corps this week end. Mr. S. Russell Baker, general secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society in Victoria, will visit Traraltron this week end to conduct meetings arranged bv J.30-9. Sat. to ft. In Religious Committee will Visit OonBremitlona as fol-, lows: Presbytery ot PESOLA: Mr. GAM-1 THAILAND HERO Dr. Ernest E. Dunlop, whose heroic efforts saved the lives of many Australian prisoners of war during the building of the Thailand railway, will read the first lesson at the Hospital Sun- day service to-morrow cven- Inr in Collins-street Xnde- pendent Church. Sister Gay Mole, formerly A.A.N. will read the second lesson. 11.10 and 7.13; S.S 11.10. Testimony Meeting. Wed- 8. R.R., Church Edifice, 10-5; 8.15 to 7.15, hai.1. Minnxv. TUESDAY. Uadcr, Pastor Wiltshire. Education." Address by Miss E. M. Card-well Secretary, Albert-street Oonservaio-rlum). Dramatic Presentation "The Othi Inn," by MethMllst Youth FellOTi'shlp Dramatic Club. Independent Hill, Colltm-aL, City. Monday, October 27, 8 p.m. li a.m.: a it.m., Mr K. H. Olllord; OLENCOE. 11 a.m.: KALANQADOO. 3 p.m.; MT. OAMIJIER invitation. Bible Truth Mlaiun 53 Market-street, Melbourne. 3 p.m.. IiHIRD CHURCH. Rlpon-grove, Elstern- wick. 11 and 7.1ft: S.S.. 11. p.m. Tetlmony Meeting: 8. R.R., Cnurch Of WESTERN PLAINS: CRESSY, ll CONGREGATIONAL. tcince, h.ju-.ju; aai. una jjuu. 7 fiss- i.ju-t. in; -u. FOX HOW. p.m.; UfitMVKUftH'V, il.JU p.m., Mr. J. R. Scott. Presbytery oi OIPP8LAND: ORBOSr, 7 p.m.. Mr, Huraet Fraser. J. HAMILTON, Com- 4 PRAHRAN TOWN HALL, Oloslnf -V Meetings of th I.IOMki. sn-irrvrifv the Union-street. Wostgarth. 11.10 and 7.1ft: S.S., 11.10. Testimony Meeting S. R.R.. 207 High-street. North mi.viif.ner ijRIOHTON. St. Cuthbert's, Wilson-st. Traraigon auxiliary of the society. OOSPEL CAMPAIGN, are on Sunday at 8. 1ft. and Monday at 8 p.m. Vital Mea-sages and Joyful Singing. Hear the Smoke's Leading Evangelist. ccie. 2 10 i ClOLLINb-Sl INDEPENDEN I CHUKO'H REV. GORDON POWELL. B.D It am; "THE UNKNOWN DOCTOR." 13 Hospital Sunday, ii a.m. ana i p.m hcv. Allan McMillan. B.A.. B.D. Evening. Film service. "A Certain Nobleman." CHURCH. Masonic Hall. 1127 1 Hizhitret. Malvern 11 and Broadcast 11.30, 3DB. Anthem. The Tree at, 254 Rleh-0 p.m Service Wel- 7.1ft: II. Testimony Meeting. ft rt ttlah-atreef. Malvern. 2 to oi ieac (t ioyaj. p.m.: urgan ne-eitsl. Mr Cedrlc Oower. 7 o.m.: YOUTH t'AIRJJS MEMORIAL. BAST MKLB 11, Rev. A. O. HARRISON, Director oi Social Services; 7, Rev. A. llajaiuuei. M.A. HOSPITAL SUNDAY COLLECTIONS AT BOTH SERVICES. SERVICE. Subject. "OOD'S LOVE AND OUR PAIN." Anthem, How Lovely are BIBLB TALKS. Fore.sters' Hall, Ohapel-m ft Virm -A Oiku master, Mr. Plummer has been engaged in church choral work for many years. Formerly deputy conductor of Mitcham Choral Society, he is a present conductor of City of Caulfield wmtm he Messengers (Mrnfleinsonnj, dheche B.1S p.m. Address, "Witnessing For Je lAMUKKWELL, 11 A.m., K0V. JSmCA Rev. G. E. Mcniove, vicar oi St. Luke's, Yarravllle, Is retirlna from active ministry, and will conduct his farewell services tomorrow. Rev. R. H. Howie, of the Devonport Methodist circuit, will succeed Rev. E. L. Vercoe at Hamilton. R. Harrison has ac (lAKUKitm nwiKvx. i uroanway. 11: S.S., 11. Testimony Meeting. 4th Verf. only, 8 p.m. rPHE Plbla and Authorised Christian I Science Literature and Biographies of Marv Baker T.ddv mav ba read borrowed llurlng MORNINO SEliVICE LJUNDAY SCHOOL UNION OF VICTORIA i "The Place of Drama in Rellalou' joucs: i a.m., nev. A. it- wuson, m.a MALVERN Presbyterian Church, Wattle Tree-road. Hoapltai Sunday Services. 11 a m. and 7 n.m. Preacher at boLh ler- u.i, n. winousn. HRITISH-larael World Federation. Lecture bv Miss A. B. Stewart. "Israel Demands A Kintr." Central Hiaa 171 Education." Address by Miss E. M. Card- or purchased at the Fre Reading Rooms. vlces. Rev. W. Morga.i, Entire offering 30th. p.m. St. John's Church, Port Albert. wen Aioer-sireei u-onsarvaio-riiim). Dramatic Presentation. "The Other Inn." by Methrdl' Youth Fellowship Dra matlc Cms Independent Hall. 'EN1RAL LADIES' AUXILIARY. British V' snd Foreign Bible Society, will moat Wed Bid nCKI. 2 AH nm Mra IHiniitll nonpiiai a'jnany nppcai. 1 George's Church, E. St. Hilda. 11 a.m.: Rev. H. Douglas Fenron. 7 n.m.: Rev. John Smiley cepted an invitation to the Shef City, Monday. 27, 8 p.m. China, at Bible House. Flinders-Jane. TO-MORROW'S SERVICES field 1 1 as. memoaisi. cnurcr. succeeding Rev. Stanley Shep- I rriioWAnip, OU HUSSeil-SI-. Bible Studies. 3.1ft and 6 o.m. Wel CHURCH OF CHRIST. I JRUNSWICK OHURCH OK CHRIST. Olenlion-rood 63th CHURCH ANNI come. fnunarmonic society. Rev. J. P. Hamilton, commissioner for extension and development In the Presbyterian Church, will preach at Mount Gambler and district this week end, accompanied by Mr. K. H. Gif-ford, one of the "ambassadors." Mr. P. Butler has been appointed president of Melbourne branch of St. Augustine's Old Boys' Association. Rev. T. H. R. Clarke will bo In SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION OF VICTORIA "The Pine of Drsma in Religion Education." Address by Mlss E. M. (Secretary. A -street Conservato-rium). Dramatic Preientatlon, "Tha Other Inn." bv MethMtlat Youth Fellowship Drs- UNITARIAN ITNITARIAN CHURCH. Cathedral-place. C.2. Rer VICTOR JAMES: 4.10 p.m.. Broadcast from 3XY Studio: "THE RELIGIOUS THREAT TO LIBERTY." 7 30 p.m Re. W. BOTTOMLEY. "HAS RELIGION A FUTURE SPIRITUALIST CHURCHES riCTORIAN SPIRITUAL UNION (foundfd 1970). 10i Little Flinders-street. 10 doors from Russell-street. SUNDAY, 3.1ft p.m. Speaker: Mr. D. NICHOLSON. Subject: Shall Mankind Witness New Daun In Tills flflrierallon Demon ST. PAUI8 CATHEDRAL. 8. H.O.; BROADCAST II. A.M,.,i.hon Plvlne Servlcd from Methodtal (IHURCH the Body, Tempersnce Hall, 172 Simdny, 3 p.m. Subject: The Road from Rome." I.II8 KINGDOM, DC, A.D., OF OOD." 1 To this END was Christ (Messiah) Born to Restore the Klnvrfnm tn rvvf mniic una. innnpenaeni hsii, rwnhnp 07 Monday. Octobrr 27. VERSARY, Sunday. October 29. 11 a.m Sinker, Mr. R. T. Pltiman. B.A.. Dip Ed. 3 p.m.. Pleasant Sunday Afternoon. Speaker. Rev. Oliver. Chaplain of the Mission to Seamen. Musical Items. 7 p.m.. M.wkM- Prlnrhiat F. L. William. MA. o.t ClHirch. Burke-road, Balwyn, Rev, B. L. 8pm menu; 7.15, Plntn ChrlstlRnlty hllF. SCOTS CHURCH, MELBOURNE '1MIF. SCOTS CHURCH. MEl Booth; 4.45, Wnyslde service, Mr. O. J. Allen; 1, Evensong, Canon J. h. 1 Mlnifter: Archibald Crlchton Religion and Life A series of Religion and Life "Mings will be held in connec- i with the eighth annual rally I Surrey Hills United Christian "uowship, on Monday. Wednes-2nd Friday evi lings next i. and the following Sunday, 'he topic will be Our Fighting and a J. Arthur Rank depicting incidents from the He of st. Paul, will be screened Speakers will be Mr. iJi sipPhenson. Rev. J. Arthur wl. Dean Langley and Mr. J. Cameron. An organ recital by Albert by Cecil Parkes JJ Margaret Parkes, vlolinisU, he held in St. Peter's Chapel, woourne Grammar School, tomorrow afternoon. A collection benevolent and general ra Organists he taken. All past members and friends are invited Jriin. 1B-37. "For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory for Ever'1! The Lord over All? E. Hawkins, Sen Wfttt. 11, THE RKV. JOHN ALEXANDER. 7" ANNUAL CHURCH SERVICE Of the AUSTRALIAN NUHAKfl' CHHISfllAN MOVE strations: Mrs. ALLEYN. also Mr. WRIGHT. ducted to the charge of Christ Church. Brunswick, on Wednes or BristMUie. soloist: Mr. a. iiaawin. ica nt m. A n.m Psvchlc Forum. Sneaker: rIBERAL CATHOLIC CHURCH, Ml Puni-rd Richmond, rm park 11 to nave reum-'mp nn CHURCH OF CHRIST, 8WANSTON-8TREET, MELBOURNE, rm. Public Lib-rsry. SUNDAY. Preacher: Mr. K. A. Macnnughtan. 11 a.m.: "Cheerful Hnirt In a (HiefrtflM World A o.m..' Rev: J. PARQUHARSON, Bubject: Messaa-es from Higher Planes. Questions a.m., Holy Eucharist. nerd. The Bishop of British Columbia (Rt. Rev. II. E. Sexton), who, with Mrs. Sexton, is revisiting Melbourne, and who was vicar of St. Martin's, Hawksburn, until 1923, will preach at the church to-morrow evening, and will show a color film of Vancouver Island after wards. The bishop went to Bt. Margaret's, Westminster, from Melbourne, and after three years there as assistant priest was appointed vicar of Upper Norwood, I-ondon, parish church. In 1035 he was elected RUhon of British Columbia. day, and Rev. E. T. Eggleston to MENT, The Minister. Subject: "CHRIST IN A MODERN HOSPITAL." Total Offer-infi at Both Servlros for Hospital Sunday Fund. 8.10: Orgnn Prelude by Hetberi Dr.vls. An il) cms (a.m. 'Blesied Are the Merciful" (Hllesi; p.m., "How Lovely Are Thy Dwelling Pair' tBrahinsi F.A.. tne cnarge or m. raure, mast fBLBOURNE CITY MISSION. Ooipel Services StindlV. 7 m. nninsnrlnlr Fellowship Tea and Bright Hour. An avenue Choir nractlce. Friday, Nov 18, at 8 p.m. 77th Anniversary. 7.1fl p.m.: Servle? con-drctrd bv Mr. J. WILLIAMS and Mrs. L. ot service ana witnessing in wnicn an unris' Han friend are Invited to eo-ooeraie. i Kew, on Thursday. Rev. K. Shrader. of Port Au Colllngnnod. Melb Port Rlch-monrl Men's Host. Ulster Orare's Aunlllari, at i. iiuncn nour service, DR P. W. BOHEHAM. p.m.: Evangelistic Service. Subject: "Scenes1 Around the Hall Anthern: "At Even 6e 'he Sun was Set Soloist: Miss Joan Williams, witn uemonsiraiions, AA SPIRITUAL" RESEARCH SOCIETY. Found r. Dr. .1. M. MOOHEY At Zereho's Fulldlns. 1S7 Oolllns-st rest. gusta, South Australia, has been called to Blrchlp Presbyterian church. Rev. W. P. GUmour. from Mlv Phyin coilott- A hkakiy rpoORAK. Hospiial Sundav: 10 a.m., 1 Family Service. 11 ant 7. Prcarhrr. Rev, Alan C. WsUn. Ha (It fllarl finnnrt ftjiulrnip nl the Cit; A Pplrllual Ssrvl-e at 3.1.V Address WELCOME TO A HELPFUL SERVICE riv Mrs. cieai, muowro oy Demntntrsiiioni SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION OF VICTORIA "The PUie of Drama In Rellzhvi ii'ELSH CM. Churrh. 120 Latro3e-t Alto at 7 13. imnitsiirmi Address. foi icwid OH, Demonstrators Mrs. Zoe Bi.rns. Mn Dltmer. Mrs Edusauin. Aiaress oy misi m. oard' welt (Secretary. A Itter. -street DonaervaM Hospital Sunday, ii and 7. EniJKn Rer. R. Oradoe Hughes. A Afternoon .1 n.m.. Lady Brooks. Soloists, afieinonn Swansea fTas.) was inducted Into-the Presbyterian church at Red Cliffs last Wednesday. OOLLmS-BTREET BAPTI8T CHURCH. Rav. J. Arthur Lewli, 11, Christ and tha Problem of Pain; 7, Thle Slok Community. ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL 7, 8 and 9.30 a.m.. Masses; 11 a.m.. Solemn High Mass; 7 p.m., Devotions. OHURCH OF CHRI8T, Swansttin-street. Mr. K. A. Macnaughton. 11. Cheerful Hearts In a Cheerless World; Fellowship tea; 7, Evangel-Istlo service, Scenes Around the Hall. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE, First Church, St. Kltda-road. 11 snd 7.15, Lesson Sermon, Probation After Death. WELSH CHURCH, Latrobe-street. Rev. Carsdoe Kughee, 11, Should Giving 7, The Good Samaritan's Twopence and More; 3, Hospital Sunday service, Lady Brookes INDEPENDENT CHURCH, Oolllns-slreet. Rev. Gordon Powell. 11, The Unknown Doctor; 7, Youlh service, God's Love and our Pain rium). Drsmatle Presentation. "The Other Mrorey. Mn Hsyea. Mrs. Hess. Mrs Best, fU O'Netort. Mr. Oiwin. Mr. Adims, Tea available between serv ces. All welcome at Miss Doris Phillips Evening. MU-s Molly nuooir. Inn." rtv Me insist Youtn Feilowahlp urs-matle Club Independent Hall, Colllnaat City, Monday, October 27, 8 pm, s. rrMiaeni. mts. a. uvu. CHURCH NOTICES for Every Man, Rev. J. E. Davidson; 3AR, 9.30, St: Andrew's Presbvterlnn College Chapel, Camperdown, N.8.W., Rbv. Dr. W. Cuming Thorn; The Chtirch Hour, St. John's Presbyterian Church, Esaendon, Rev. T. u. Allen. LUTHERAN CHURCH, Olty-road. 10.45 (Communion), Rev. W. H. Nonke: 7, Rev. 8. P. Schwarv. SALVATION ARMT. Adjutant Arthur Roth well. 11, Holiness Unto the Lord; 3. Praise; 7. Whither Bound 1 WESLEY CHURCH. 11, Rev. A. Q. Cay: 3, PS Dr. Alan McCutcheon. Where Are the Hospitals Oolng 7, Rev. A. J. Orlgg. The Christ of the Centre and Circumference. scots CHURCH. 11, Rev. John Alexander, valedictory address; 7 Rev. A. Crlchton Barr, Christ in ft Modern Hospltnl (annual service of Australian Nurses' Christian Move ment A conference of ohurchwomen will be held to celebrate a World Community day arranged by the Women's Inter-Church Council of Victoria In Assembly Mall on Friday, November 7. Miss Rita Snowdciit authoress and a deaconess of the Methodist Church of New Zealand, and Mr. E. A. Mann will be the spcakeni. AIETIODIST. Mr. W. A. Wigney. preacher of East Kew Church of Christ, will speak at the 89th anniversary celebrations of Geelong church to-morrow, remaining there to hold a brief mission with the A A.A. MALVEKN SPIRITUAL CHURCH, p.m., Dsnlells. Worker. Mi. Frost. Mrs. Lloyd. ARMADALE. HAROLD WO( CHRISTADELPHIAN. THE LECTURE HALL. 4M ALBERT-STREET. THE MELBOURNE CHRIBTA. Mrs. Eldred Mrs. Whittle. HEALERS. Mr. REV. DAVID LEWIS. Mr. MORRIS LIAMR. Lord. Most Holy, and Negro AUSTRALIAN CHURCH. A U8TRALIAN CHURCH. 'RUSSELL-ST Minister. Rev. C. MTRVYN PLUMB HOSPITAL SUNDAY SERVICE. 7.1ft p.m Subleet, "The Henllnf ot the SALVATION ARMY, t-i "'flings or itev. ii'iii pfahran gospel cru-2h 111 be neld to-morrow and Monday evenings. of hierarchy, I Uiu Catholl: organisations and nil i if, BrouP' 8,50 a pageant, Lbre, highlights at the annua! festival at on Sunday, No DELPHIAN FCOLESIA Presents A FREE church. Moya ana nopum. lesi seiween services, 7 1ft p.m. Mrs. D. Nicholson. Subject. The New Age. Pari I. Demonstrator, Mn. Lloyd, oh. N' ATI ON A 'j REVIVAL CRUSADE lr-rWg Ad.lreas. "Bnok of Revelation Ex nlnlned" i 'lliwtrated. with sltdesl. by Thomas N. Pc-ter. Central Hall. 2.48 P.m "Rusia and Paleatfne Ir ptoohecy" iwith slides). Camberwell Town Hflll. it 7 o.m Mid-week Meeting, Priendt TM'l 8 p.m 'pHFOfJOPl'ICAL SOCIE-l. Lecture I Hall. 197 7.15 p.m MIftS A LAMTJRICK. "THOUOHr -MOULDER OF CHARACTER AND VEHICLE OF POWEH." 8 p.m Public Study I TNITED GOSPEL MISSION. Central Hall. 20.1 Lit. Oolllns-st. Sunday, 7 p.m Breaker: REV. ADAM CLARKE, Subject! "WONDERFUL BLESSINGS COMlNa THROtlOH RECONCILIATION AND RUN STATEMENTJDF JEWS," TTNITKD PROTESTANT JfToSK i series of spoclsl meetings for Protea-tsnts will bt conducted by Mr. Thog. Agst, J. Head of the Grout Protestant Action Movement In Sydney, as under, Tueday, Oet. 28. 8 p.m.. Church or Christ, Lvgon-et. (near Trades Halji. Wedneadav. O-t. 29. 8 p.m.. Brunswick-Street Methodist Mission. Fllsrov, Thursday. Oct. 30 8 Baptist Church, Northcow fcorner High and Darebm Friday, Oct. 31. 8 p.m.. Methodist Church Hall. (near J.inctiin). Friday. Oet. 31 1 p.m.. Bapt 1st Churrh, OolUrw-st City. Sunday, Nov. 2, 3 p.m.. Savor Theatre. City. All Protestant are cordially Invited to attend. at i oca. to wn cn ai are coroia in- sniriiuan. 4 EAST BRUNSWICK, S.8A.: 11. Rev. R. 0. McLean; 3 Hav. o. F. Dvson: 7. Rav. (l. flhonherd Brunswick Church of Christ will celebrate 65th anniversary ved. Bubjecl: CAN THE BIBLE SOLVE A. A. HEART OF flPIRITUAL TRUTH. A arfl Floor. 17 Ellsabeth-at city 3rd Floor. 17 ouh daily pkuulk-mh 7 speaker: mi. Hd. Hughes. ALL SEATS FREE. NO COL- Convenience Tea si ft p.m. Scholars' night, services to-morrow, Tne speaiter at the pleasant Sunday afternoon Sim. 3 15 snd 7 p.m Adelaide. Mr dames Hiiu. Varlev. others Education." Addieu by Miss E. M. Card MEETING. 7 p.m MEMllEHH, I. I 1URKE-ROAD, EAST MALVERN 11 REV. HAROLD CHAMBERS. 7: BEV FHANK JENKIN BROTHEPHOOD. ft p.m MH EDMUNDS L.A. IjPUI lu.t. Memorial meeting ii a.m. HIBIE Class. Mon 8 p.m., Friends' Halt, 0 Rimse'l-al. Revelation. Come. (U'RIflVS Ueslh and 'tsiirrecllon Oft- -e-ved IS Hall C-b't' will bo Rev. P. Oliver, cnap-In in of the MKslons to Seamen. ITHITintlll ruiiBPH nafHArtml- me well (Secretary. Albert-meet Consetvauv ilnml. Drsmntlc Presentation, "The Othe Inn." by Methodist Youth Fellowship Dr' mntie Cluh Indrndent Hall. Collin-. I. Is tram) PrinclpHl E. L. Williams wili flAMHKRWLLL. Hospital Sundny. kw. Who rP In Rcv Victor Jm. I rhiVrL 10 broodcist 3XY, RfllHtlmw Threat to Pam for the Liberty; 7 .30. Bav. W. Bottomley, Ha City. Monday. 27, ft m. Chris rememher Him. 370 Lit Bonrk 1 A. -WINDSOR sue alter Mrs. 1 speak at. the evening service, x. a.m., kcv e. i u. xyr. i n.m. nr At IhA rvinlni rrrp. stallon. 3 B-ns. Dem M's A 3.4.1 p.m. IVeleslal memDfiahlp. linn Chas, Bkue. winner 1 047 Sun Aria, will Williams. N. Goodwin. H. I Coiite: Rev, D. E. Reeves, director of iinorca. THEOSOPHICAL SERVICES HP B. (BLAVTftKY) LODOE. THFO SOPHICAI. SOCIETY TcOVINAl. In HIM i ML, Will IHRC In both services at Wll- the voune Drome denartment oi I tENTLElOH Church of flpirltual Sclenee, LUTHERAN CHURCH Kriisinn rmure i CAIRNS MEMORIAL CHURCH, RmI Mrlbourne. II, Rv. A. O. Har-rinon. Director ftf Social Services; 7, Rev. F. Hftgenftuer. the Congregational. Union, Is formal Oroun flhidles. Ethical and Teehnlcsl "lug ood. Have Mercy, irom hi. ram. I1TZROY MUslnn. Brunswick-st. 11 am. and 7 p.m.. Rev. Miner, soloist Mr. H. Dyer. Offerings for Hospital Sunday, 'o-morrow 'cgauonai unurcn rTK' ir ServleewAddre." Mr UaM.rim Qord'on visiting Bruthcn this week end. rn wormy, science, neurion, Ploor 6, Capitol House. i Wilson.

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How do I find old newspaper articles in Australia? ›

New South Wales
  1. The Sydney Morning Herald Archive (1955–95) ...
  2. Australian Newspapers Collection (1831-2000) ...
  3. Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Digital Editions (2006— ) ...
  4. Ancestry Library Edition. ...
  5. Historic Australian newspapers (Trove) (1803–1954) ...
  6. Google News Archive. ...
  7. ProQuest Australia & New Zealand Newsstream.
May 3, 2023

What is the most read newspaper in Melbourne? ›

The Herald Sun has the highest circulation in Australia. Based in one of the country's two major cities, Melbourne, it is the result of the amalgamation of the original Sun and Herald newspapers.

What is the most read publication in Australia? ›

As of 2019, the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia emerged as the country's leading newspaper in terms of both its print and online editions.

Is The Age a conservative newspaper? ›

Although it remained more liberal than the extremely conservative Argus, it lost much of its distinct political identity. The historian Sybil Nolan writes: "Accounts of The Age in these years generally suggest that the paper was second-rate, outdated in both its outlook and appearance.

How to find a newspaper from 10 years ago? ›

Use a newspaper index
  1. See the Library of Congress list of U.S. Newspaper Archives & Indexes.
  2. Search Williams WorldCat for [name of newspaper] index (e.g., Boston Globe index) Look for format journal/magazine or newspaper. Be sure to look at what years the index was published.
May 1, 2023

Where can I find old newspaper articles online for free? ›

Use the Google News archive for an easy, searchable experience. This search engine allows you to enter the subject you want to research to find old newspaper articles about that subject. To explore the archive search engine, open your web browser and go to

What is the oldest Melbourne newspaper? ›

There are many early Victorian newspapers including Victoria's earliest newspaper, the Melbourne Advertiser, first published on 1 January 1838.

What is the oldest Australian newspaper? ›

Nearly all issues of many historic Australian and Victorian newspapers are held, including Australia's first newspaper, the Sydney Gazette (1803–42), and the oldest Australian newspaper still in publication, the Sydney Morning Herald (first published in 1831).

What is the oldest newspaper in Victoria? ›

The Melbourne Advertiser thus became the first printed publication in Victoria's history.

Who is Australia's best selling author? ›

1. Tim Winton, 1960 – Tim Winton is one of the most well-known Australian novelists.

What are the biggest Melbourne newspapers? ›

The Herald Sun is Victoria's home for breaking news, footy and hard-hitting opinion and holds the title of Australia's most-read newspaper. Melbourne's biggest selling newspaper has a proud history ..

Where does Australia rank in reading? ›

CountryMeanRange 5th to 95th percentile
Chinese Taipei544227
Czech Republic540242
Australia *540270
11 more rows
4 days ago

Is the Australian newspaper left wing or right wing? ›

The Australian
The Australian front cover on 26 July 2017
EditorKelvin Healey
Founded14 July 1964
Political alignmentCentre-right
9 more rows

What is the left leaning newspaper in Australia? ›

Overview. The newspaper is a notionally independent Australian source of local, national and international news, and provides left-wing analysis and debate. In an editorial in the first issue, Green Left Weekly stated: This is a paper by and for the green and progressive movement.

How much does the age newspaper cost? ›

Get a well-balanced perspective. Join The Age from $4.50 per week and support news you can trust.

How do you know if an old newspaper is valuable? ›

Parameters that give old newspapers value
  1. Historic content - The most important factor for determining value.
  2. Rarity - Limited editions and the amount of copies that are still available is key in determining how a rare a paper is.
  3. Age - The older the publication, the higher value, most of the time.

Do old newspapers have any value? ›

Old newspapers provide valuable insights into history at times when people had to pick up a paper to find out the events from the day before. Newspapers featuring iconic historical events are the most valuable, with the condition, rarity, and display also affecting the newspaper's value.

What is the oldest still existing newspaper? ›

In Austria the Wiener Zeitung was started in 1703 and is considered to be the oldest surviving daily newspaper in the world. The oldest continuously published weekly paper was the official Swedish gazette, the Post-och Inrikes Tidningar; begun in 1645, it adopted an Internet-only format in 2007.

Is there a free newspaper archive? ›

Thanks to the Library of Congress, you can access more than 19 million free digitized newspaper pages from across the nation, dating from 1777 to 1963.

Can you order old newspapers online? ›

A: Yes of course we do! Just place your order online and we will let you know which original newspapers we have for your date in 1945!

Where can I search old newspapers from? ›

Google's Historical Newspapers: ( Newsbank's Newspaper Archive (

What is the Melbourne newspaper called? ›

The Herald (Melbourne)

Where can I get old newspapers in Melbourne? ›

Paper World offers a wide range of original major daily newspapers, magazines and other date related memorabilia from Australia and New Zealand dating back over 100 years.

What was the name of the Victoria newspaper? ›

Victoria Times Colonist - Victoria Times Colonist.

What is the oldest surviving English newspaper? ›

Berrow's Worcester Journal, which started life as the Worcester Postman in 1690 and was published regularly from 1709, is believed to be the oldest surviving English newspaper.

What is America's oldest newspaper? ›

The nation's first daily newspaper, the Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser, began publication on September 21, 1784. Many independent newspapers ran before that on a weekly or monthly basis. America's first independent newspaper, the New England Courant, was published by Benjamin Franklin's older brother in 1721.

What is the biggest national newspaper in Australia? ›

The two national daily newspapers are The Australian and The Australian Financial Review, which are owned by different companies.

What was Australia's oldest newspaper first published in 1831? ›

Founded in 1831 as the Sydney Herald. It is the oldest continously published newspaper in Australia.

What is the oldest physical newspaper? ›

On October 29, 1764, New Haven printer Thomas Green established a weekly newspaper, the Connecticut Courant, in Hartford. Only the third newspaper to be published in the colony—and now known as the Hartford Courant—it is also recognized as the nation's oldest continuously published paper.

Who is a famous Aussie writer? ›

Australian writers who have obtained international renown include the Nobel-winning author Patrick White, as well as authors Christina Stead, David Malouf, Peter Carey, Bradley Trevor Greive, Thomas Keneally, Colleen McCullough, Nevil Shute and Morris West.

Who is the best-selling book author of all time? ›

Best selling fiction authors by estimated sales
#AuthorEstimated sales
1William Shakespeare2 billion – 4 billion
2Agatha Christie2 billion – 4 billion
3Danielle Steel900 million+
4Harold Robbins750 million – 750 million
26 more rows
Feb 16, 2023

Who was the first female author in Australia? ›

Louisa Atkinson was an accomplished novelist, artist and naturalist, and well-known as Australia's first native-born female novelist.

What are the top five newspapers? ›

The 5 Largest Daily US Newspapers
  • The Wall Street Journal.
  • The New York Times.
  • USA Today.
  • The Washington Post.
  • Los Angeles Times.
Apr 21, 2023

What is the biggest newspaper in the world? ›

Top newspapers by circulation
The New York TimesUSEnglish
Guangzhou DailyChinaChinese
Nanfang DailyChinaChinese
Rajasthan PatrikaIndiaHindi
15 more rows

Which country in Australia is the most educated? ›

Australia has a highly developed education system, with a literacy rate of 99 percent. The country is known for its high quality of education and is home to several world-renowned universities. The Australian education system is divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

What education rank is Australia? ›

Australia's education system ranking is third in the world, with a quality index of 70.5. After completing high school in your country, you can pursue a diploma, advanced diploma or Bachelor's degree in Australia.

What is the most educated state in Australia? ›

Not only that, there are 11 universities whose main campuses are located in New South Wales, including the world-renowned University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney). Whether in terms of educational resources or educational quality, New South Wales is the best education state in Australia.

What are the left wing newspapers in USA? ›

Alternative news services
  • AlterNet.
  • Common Dreams.
  • Consortium News.
  • Current Affairs.
  • Daily Kos.
  • Democracy Now!
  • The Empire Files.
  • The Grayzone.

What is an Australian Sunday? ›

Commonly, it was practiced by putting a roast in to cook before leaving for church, then there would be a hearty meal ready upon arrival home. The somewhat outdated but beloved culinary tradition remains an opportunity for family and friends to get together weekly.

Who reads the Australian newspaper? ›

News Corp Australia (publisher of The Australian) remains the largest print and digital publisher in the country, with an audience of almost 18.7 million per month (including REA) – or more than 88 per cent of all Australians aged 14 and over.

What is the most respected newspaper in Australia? ›

The Herald Sun has the highest circulation in Australia. Based in one of the country's two major cities, Melbourne, it is the result of the amalgamation of the original Sun and Herald newspapers.

What percentage of Australians read newspaper? ›

News readership: 97 per cent of Australians continue to consume news - Roy Morgan Research.

How many people still read the newspaper in Australia? ›

Over 15.7 million Australians read newspapers in print or online.

Is the age a conservative newspaper? ›

Although it remained more liberal than the extremely conservative Argus, it lost much of its distinct political identity. The historian Sybil Nolan writes: "Accounts of The Age in these years generally suggest that the paper was second-rate, outdated in both its outlook and appearance.

Which age group reads newspapers the most? ›

A few times per month8%7%
Once per month6%5%
Less often than once per month15%15%
3 more rows
May 11, 2023

Who reads newspapers by age? ›

More than 124 million U.S. adults, or more than 6 out of 10, read newspaper media each week. Fifty-eight percent of adults aged 18-34, and more than 6 in 10 adults aged 35+, read a newspaper. Seventy percent of households with income above $100K are newspaper readers.

How do I find news articles from years ago? ›

To find stories from 1995 or before, you can search for scanned newspaper articles. Go to and type in, followed by the search terms you'd like to use. For example, “NASA putting man on Mars”.

Is there a way to find old newspapers? ›

There are three major web searchable archives in the U.S.:
  1. Google's Historical Newspapers:
  2. (
  3. Newsbank's Newspaper Archive (

How can I view old newspapers? ›

Public libraries and archives throughout the United States offer access to collections of historical newspapers. Before starting your research, contact your local library or archive to see if they have digital archives you can look at. In many cases, historical newspapers are available solely on microfilm.

How can I get a newspaper from a past date? ›

How to find old editions of newspapers
  1. The local library. Many local libraries keep copies of their local newspapers, either in microfiche format or in great big piles of newsprint. ...
  2. Google's News Archive Search. Google has digitised some newspapers from around the world. ...
  3. Purchasing a copy of a newspaper.

Does Google have a newspaper archive? ›

Google News Archive is an extension of Google News providing free access to scanned archives of newspapers and links to other newspaper archives on the web, both free and paid.

How do I find historical articles? ›

  1. The National Archives Library Catalog.
  2. U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection.
  4. Fold3 (Formerly
  5. ProQuest. ProQuest Research Library (articles) ProQuest Historical New York Times. ...
  6. GaleNet. Archives Unbound. ...
  7. America: History and Life.
  8. Digital National Security Archive.
Mar 15, 2023

How to find news articles from the 1980s? ›

Searchable newspaper indexes and full-text newspapers/news services:
  1. ABI/Inform Dateline. Regional U.S. business news. ...
  2. ABYZ News Links. ...
  3. Access World News. ...
  4. Alt-Press Watch. ...
  5. Factiva. ...
  6. Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports, 1974-1996. ...
  7. Ithaca Journal. ...
  8. Latin American News Sources in Olin Library.
Apr 6, 2023

Is newspapers com included with ancestry? ›

Yes. With an Ancestry membership, you can see indexed records from Newspapers. c​​​om™ and may receive Newspapers. c​​​om records as hints in your tree.

What was the first penny press paper? ›

The first penny paper, the Sun, was founded in New York in September 1833. After that time, newspapers became nonpartisan since they were not supported by political parties.

Is newspaper archive legit? ›

Is legit? Yes, NewspaperArchive is a legitimate website and has thousands of consumer reviews. The company was founded by Christopher Gill in 1999.

Is newspaper com by ancestry legit? ›

In fact, if you subscribe to the highest membership tier at, it comes with a subscription to built into it. If you're wondering if is worth it for your genealogy research, it definitely is. You will most probably discover genealogical gems you never dreamed existed.

Are old newspaper articles public domain? ›

Newspapers published in the United States more than 95 years ago are in the public domain in their entirety. Any newspapers in Chronicling America that were published less than 95 years ago are also believed to be in the public domain, but may contain some copyrighted third party materials.


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